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Property Advantages


Adv. #2 - Water, Water

Mesa Verde pottery

Water is a valuable resource in the west. Houses here have (1) city water, (2) well or (3) cistern (you haul). It gets dicey watering landscaping with those sources.

We have two water sources - one for domestic use and the other for irrigation.

  • Domestic house water - metered from a commercial treated water system
  • Irrigation water - lake water piped and pressurized to our mesa top totalling 20+ acre feet.
    • If you're like me, I had to ask how much water that was - over 7 million gallons per year!


The Lower Bauer Lake water comes by pipeline thru the pasture to the top of the hill. At the main house, this piped irrigation water fills our 75 foot diameter (lined) pond you see above just by opening a valve - no pump required. Besides just the beauty of having water (the above picture shows the pond with Mesa Verde in the background), the pond is the water source for our landscape irrigation system for the 2+ acres of landscaping around the lodge. We have 6 sprinkler lines on a timer.

Furthermore, gated pipe is available to be connected to this water near the southwest corner of the fencing where there is a 4 inch riser and faucet. This would allow irrigation of the approx. 5 acres which has not yet been landscaped or turned to pasture for the horses.

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Adv #1 Multiple Use

Want a house? Large family need room? Maybe multi-generational? Want a business or a little extra income? Have or want horses? Love landscaping, outside partying and views? We're your choice! We can answer all of those desires - let's see how.

Adv #3 Horse Ready

Barn, loafing shed and corrals, riding arena, irrigated pastures, hay barn - we're ready for for your horse and you to enjoy the wild west.

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