Sundance Bear - Closed

Near Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde

Our farewell and thanks!

Cabin front door at Sundance Bear Lodge

September 2019 - we are now CLOSED and are in the final stages of selling the property.

We have had a wonderful 22 years of business and have met many wonderful people from the US and world. Thank you for the business and relationships!

We leave with mixed feelings as we relocate to Corrales, NM and (gasp) move into retirement. Our email and phone number will still reach us if you'd like to say hello/goodbye.

Mesa Verde at a glance

Mesa Verde pottery

Mesa Verde National Park is of course the primary draw. Cliff dwellings built in the 1200s are unique and a facinating look into history. Imagine how these stone age people built these wonderful "four story" apartments and why they left (lots of theories, but still not known for sure).

At the entrance, the Visitor Center is where you get tickets and schedule for the cliff dwelling tours of Cliff Palace, Balcony House or Long House.

If convenient in your travel plans, we recommend you stop in the day before to make sure space is available for the times you desire. In planning your visit, remember that it is a BIG park.

Sue & Bob

Sue and Bob have owned / operated Sundance Bear for over 22 years! Over that time we have greatly enjoyed visiting with guests and sharing the wonders of the Colorado Four Corners region - and calling many of them friends.

We've loved opening our home - and we've done our best to share the wonders of the southwest with you. We take pride when we've helped our guests get introduced to the Four Corners. The history, the archeology, the outdoors and the "western adventures" are not to be topped! There is so much to see, learn, experience in southwest Colorado!

NOTE: Even tho we can no longer help with lodging, see our To Do pages for information about Mesa Verde and the area for your Four Corners vacation!

More to do in the Southwest!

Extend your stay after Mesa Verde and enjoy the Durango-Silverton Narrow Guage Railroad, hiking, horseback riding, biking and more.